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The School of Sufi Teaching opens on 22 February 2020

Shaykh Hamid Hasan officially opens the new London Zawiya during his visit from New Delhi

The School of Sufi Teaching, a zawiya (Sufi Centre) for the london-based Naqshbandi Mujadiddi community affiliated to Shaykh Hamid Hasan of New Delhi, opened on 22 Februrary 2020 after 4 years of construction. The community-funded project was directed by Abdul Ghaffur Doherty, representative of Shaykh Hamid Hasan in London and saw architect Nevine Nasser lead an all women team to create the new centre.

The team included Katya Nosyreva (tiles and geometric patterns), Saba Kafil (terrace garden and green wall), Citi Youssoff (calligraphic panels) and many other proffessionals and community members without whom the project would not have succeeded.

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