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Interview between Suleika Mueller and Nevine Nasser in Document Journal

Madison Bulnes

In a portfolio for Document, the two Sufi practitioners channel their spirituality as grounds for creativity

In an article titled "Photographer Suleika Mueller shoots architect Nevine Nasser in her Islamic heart creation" Nevine and Suleika explore the intimacy behind Sufism. Mueller captured Nasser within the zawiya––space––she created for the Naqshbandī-Mujaddidī order. For Document, Mueller and Nasser met to discuss Sufi practices, the role of Muslim women in contemporary society, and geometry as a visual language that bridges the physical with the spiritual.

The photo series is delicate and divine, with shades of serene blue and ravishing gold. Mueller’s details emphasize Nasser’s usage of symbolism, sacred geometry, and the Quran’s understanding of light. Some shots picture Nasser in action, performing the necessary rituals to create a profound encounter with God.

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