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Making Sacred

Create an intentional life through conscious design

How much do you value your connection to the sacred? 

Do you want to deepen that experience? 

Making Sacred is a new venture by Nevine Nasser offering a holistic design service for spiritually aware people wishing to create environments that support deeper experiences of the sacred in every day life. 


Nevine has developed a unique process drawing on traditional wisdom, working with ritual, sacred geometry, light and sound, to align your environment with your unique essence as a human being, with the qualities of your spiritual practice and with the order of nature and the cosmos. The intention is to enhance the flow of divine energy, creating environments that feel deeply restful, restorative and supportive of your spiritual growth and wellbeing. 

Nevine works in person or remotely.

She is offering free 1 hour clarity calls to discuss your vision.


What is Making Sacred?

Much of the malaise of the world is a result of disconnection from our sacred spirit, of forgetting who we truly are. With the multitude of worldly distractions, the feeling of connection often alludes us. 

Connection with the Divine is always available to us here and now through the heart.  But how can we further deepen and cultivate that connection?  Through spiritual practice and by creating an intentional container for that spiritual practice. Through intention your whole life becomes a spiritual practice.


Nature is our perfect God-given temple. Traditional wisdom teaches us how to align to the cosmos and the natural world, as a way to connect to the Divine. Research shows that the same proportions and geometries describe phenomena as diverse as the spirals of galaxies, growth and breeding patterns, the behaviour of light and atoms, the radiation of energy, the structure of matter, the harmony of music, the human body… the list goes on and on... 

We are part of a magnificent whole!

To awaken to that reality and to act from that place of knowing is to become all that we can be in this lifetime.


If everything is connected, what we design and build must also be connected. By contemplating how nature inspires a sense of the sacred in us, we can utilise these God-given qualities to create healthy, inspiring, sacred spaces.


The Process


Identify what may be in the way of you feeling the joy of being


Become clear about what inspires you and how you want to feel about your life. Dare to dream.


Decluttering your space, your mind and your actions. Make space for your new life.

Design your environment 

Align your physical environment to the order of nature and the cosmos using the principles of traditional wisdom.

Design your life

Bring acceptance, enthusiasm and enjoyment to all your activities through personalised rituals.​

Nevine has spent over ten years of research and practice exploring the transformative qualities of traditional sacred art and architecture and have developed a design process that is purposely attuned to the order and qualities of nature to enable the flow of divine energy. This approach relinks with traditional wisdom to create contemplative spaces that support and inspire spiritual experience.


  • Deeper connection with the sacred quality of all life

  • Surroundings that are in tune with your true self

  • Creating the best conditions possible for your spiritual growth

  • Experiencing deep rest and spiritual nourishment

  • Enhanced quality of life

  • Greater acceptance of your daily activities

  • Living a meaningful life

  • Experiencing the joy of being

  • Feeling more balanced

  • Feeling more focussed and authentic

  • Work and life feel more integrated 

  • Feeling more inspired and creative

  • Reduced stress and anxiety 

  • Improved health and wellbeing




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