ONE Design was founded in 2000 and reinvented in 2019 by Nevine Nasser, a London-based architect and film maker, as part of her longer enquiry into the relationship between sacred space and spiritual experience. Through research and practice she specifically questions whether the transformative quality of classic sacred architecture can be reclaimed in contemporary contexts. She continuously explores approaches to architectural design that aim to relink with traditional knowledge and transcend mimetic processes to create context-sensitive meanings and manifestations.

Over the years Nevine has been involved in diverse fields such as 3D modelling and visualisation, architectural sustainability and environmental studies, fieldwork, intercultural knowledge transfer partnerships, geometry, architectural design, Islamic art and architecture, and film-making. Over the past 10 years, Nevine undertook doctoral research at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and through their practical courses gained experience of Islamic craft traditions and their contemplative, transformative nature. She was able to explore the correlations between creative and spiritual knowledge through practice and gained an understanding of how the principles of traditional art and architecture reflect the order of nature and ultimately the Divine Order.

On 29th February 2020, ONE’s flagship project, The School of Sufi Teaching, a Sufi meditation and community centre in Bethnal Green, London, was opened. Whilst working on the project, Nevine gathered a group of unique, passionate creative professionals who brought their own personal spiritual experiences into their designs. 

This collaborative approach and wide selection of services means that ONE Design is the one-stop-shop for all your design needs. Working closely and sensitively with our clients ONE delivers the results you are after in a way that is enriching to the whole team.