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Welcome to ONE, home of harmony and creativity. We create sanctuaries that inspire contemplative experience. Our designs  are experiential,  enhancing wellbeing and supporting spiritual growth. We specialise in reinterpreting traditional architectural vocabularies to create unique, contemporary spaces. We are a dedicated team, committed to understanding your vision to create designs that are personal to you and your community in ways that inspire and delight. We apply deep care to the creative process seeing it as a spiritual process in its own right.

Our newest project: The Wellness Centre
at Steigenberger Alora Resort, Ain Sokhna, Egypt
is coming soon!

Our flagship project:
The School of Sufi TeachingBethnal Green, London


As I step each week over the threshold of the Zawiya it’s like I have come home, it is my spiritual home. It is a place where my heart feels at rest, the tranquility of the space along with the visual stimulation of the design join together as if joining me back to myself , the self before the world and it’s noise entered my heart. From the small courtyard garden compact in size but gigantic in  beauty that  brings tranquility to my  weary spirit, of a noisy outside world, through to the meditation room with the central window of discovery that holds the room in its excellence and catches my heart and my eye, and disguises and transports me away from the clatter of the surroundings the Zawiya sits alongside. As I stepped into the building to transform my spirit, I step out to the contrast of the tube but hold in heart and mind the tranquility I have left behind and how a building  that is built from the heart of  love and truth can go towards transforming my own heart on its way to love and truth.

Jenny W.

I initially met Nevine when she gave an architectural tour of the Sufi Teaching Centre in Bethnal Green. Nevine presented an aura of calm and patience, whilst explaining the design process there was resonance between her own sufi spiritual practice and the professional.  I was immediately drawn to her energy as I myself am also Sufi on a different path, but hearts recognise each other. It was a divine encounter that was meant to be Allhamdullilah. I am an Arts Consultant who uses Sufism as a basis of my practice. 

Sandra Louison - October 2022 


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